"The Airship Protectorate"

First Book in the Series

The Airship Protectorate

Alec awoke disillusioned— home a distant memory. At the wrong place but right time— nowhere is safe. The three he's confided in, forge trust and friendship— the Chief's bounty, fifty-thousand-gold on their heads. Hawkmen are diligent, always watching from above. Dominus the Hawkboss, spreads fear and nothing survives beyond Chickamen borders. The city's population is subject to attacks and chaos not seen for generations, questioning the unlikely treaty, alliance, even loyalty— in a race against time. Destruction of the old, revenge for the new— the fate of both their worlds intertwined. Will the unlikely heroes be able to survive? Let alone stop the madness of an underestimated adversary? All seems lost except for hope.
Hope in a Sky Hawk Captain—

"The Airship Protectorate."

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Destined to be a Classic!

An unrelenting foe, two conniving cohorts, have stacked the deck. A roller-coaster thrill-ride of life changing events.

Succeed or life as it's known is over.

Unique & Creative Story

Welcome to a civilized yet dystopian world. Where Massive Airships and Flying Machines rule the skies.

A mission, a cause, a race against time.


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"The Airship Protectorate."



With the successful launch of "The Airship Protectorate" The action-packed saga series continues. Everyone run for your lives!

"Monsters of the Badlands."



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author_pic—The Author—
Brian Wright has always been creating something. A graphic designer and paint artist now author, he's known in certain circles of the industry as an experienced professional. Aspiring to be an author? That just kind of happened, as he was writing a story he thought would most likely just be read to his kids and grand kids. The book, turned into a novel and not just a novel; a series. His interests have always revolved around art or art in some form. As he wrote, he sketched concepts. Artwork followed, and the story took off. Seemingly breathing life into an imagination in overdrive, his airships, flying machines, and outlandish vehicle contraptions created another world unto itself. The characters full of personality and vigor, claimed their identity, and took on a life of their own. The series saga was born, with adventure and struggle as real as if the events were cut from todays headlines.
It's an imaginative look at a civilized yet dystopian world adventure where anything could happen.
There's a lot happening. The reader, is in for a twisting turning thrill-ride, along with the main characters. It's a believable, fantastic, first-hand immersion into another world.
His background as designer and paint artist enabled him to illustrate the Cover Artwork.

He's lived and worked in California and Oregon owning businesses in both states. The first, "Airbrush by Brian," basically evolved into "B Wright Design Studio." What started with airbrushing t-shirts, mini-truck murals and lots of club logos and carshows, quickly included truck lettering and pinstriping. Next, he expanded into automotive paint and graphics, digital design work, and painting on larger transport trailers, concession trailers, then charter busses.
He took on most everything he was interested in.
A few years later he was working exclusively in the luxury coach industry—

His largest client was the well-known Marathon Coach in Oregon, where he designed exquisite one-of a kind paint schemes. Later, under contract, he took on all of their design work. From luxury coach paint schemes to matching hospitality trailer and tow vehicle graphics as well as sculpted rug designs, ceiling treatments, window styles, shower door artwork, entry door appliques, even dash and exterior component design. For other clients, design and paint work on lots of harley motorcycle graphics with matching helmets, atv's, golf carts, offshore boats, as well as airplane, helicopter, even Airbus jet graphics.
In many cases, he's flown to meet clients and design for them in person.
From RV the enthusiasts to the entertainment industry, over the years, he's done a variety of artwork projects, meeting and working for some very interesting people. His work can still be seen rolling down the highway or parked in highend luxury resorts across the United States.
He's been featured in several magazine publications like Arriving, Bus Conversion, and Rob Report.
Media and television interviews include Discovery and the Travel Channel's.
He's designed for several movie star's and celebrities, like Tim Allen, NASCAR personalities from Hendricks, Patrick, and Lowe's Racing.
Multiple coach and trailer paint schemes for Jeff Gordon, Kurt and Kyle Busche, Ryan Newman and Michael Andretti, just to mention a few, there's more.

"Though I didn't meet him in person, I designed the paint scheme graphics package for Dakota Productions; liaison to Tom Cruise at the time."

From mixed media, traditional oils and acrylics, to digital painting, he's painted on almost every soft to hard surface known. T-shirts, canvas, glass, acrylite, mirror to fiberglass, aluminum and stainless steel. His crazy experience is well-rounded, with emphasis in automotive specialty paints, candies, pearls, and a variety of special effects products. His interests are wide and varying. Creating striking artwork for websites and an HTML, PHP, and MySQL geek. He's even taught several semesters for College of the Sequoias in California, teaching 3-D Modeling & Digital Animation.
He's been accused of being a workaholic, and that's partially true.
One more thing, he designed this website.

He enjoys the outdoors, guided fishing trips with his boys, and weekend get-ways with his family. He's avid motorcycle enthusiast along with many painting interests, (oil, acrylic and mixed media.)
Check out his facebook page for a look at his most recent projects and commissions
@ Brian's Art.

Living in Oklahoma on their small farm with his wife and youngest son, helped provide inspiration for the book: "The Airship Protectorate," the first in "The Steampunk Chicken," series.
Although the story, theme and plot are far removed from a farm setting.

"People ask me, how did you come up with such a imaginative concept for the story? Believe it or not, the concept and story began taking shape in my head one day while watching my son do his chores; observing the goings-on of the farm from a young boy's point of view.
"We raise Mini-Nubian Dairy Goats, KuneKune Pasture Pigs, as well as a variety of Chickens.
Also, it struck me particularly one day, the way the chickens were acting when hawks flew over their pen on our country property.
Most of the characters names, I've derived using a combination of the actual species of both chickens and hawks. Those that have already read the first book know what that's about."

"The Airship Protectorate" was born.
But get ready, "Monster's of the Badlands," in production, is set to release SOON!

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